Gaza51 Exhibition .. We made it

The main aim of “Gaza 51” exhibition is raising the awareness towards Gazans’ living conditions during the last war 2014 on Gaza which lasted for 51 days of heavy bombardment, artillery, destruction and continuous killing of innocent Palestinian children. The last war was the heaviest, so I worked on documenting the whole crimes through my designs to show the world the reality of Palestinian endless difficulties and their hopes of living without occupation.

Actually, I wish if I can attend this exhibition personally, but unfortunately due to the blockade and borders’ closure, I couldn’t travel to join my friends  in this special day.


Each poster has its own story, its own situation and its own feelings, so all my designs are precious to me especially when it speaks about the suffer of my country where my heart speaks then.

Special extreme thanks for Yalla Arabi for their efforts in organizing the exhibition and Landeshauptstadt München- Kulturreferat for their generous fund.
Thank you for everyone who supported me to succeed in this exhibition and transfer my message of freedom to the world.

We are Palestinians, We deserve to live, We deserve to dream


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Video message :

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